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Washington Report

Asharq News     2022

Dubai - UAE

PROMAX Award Silver Winner 2023
i was responsible for creating full coverage GFX package for 

" Washington Report " TV Show for Asharq News Channel .


Concept & Art Direction , 3D Motion Design , FX , Compositing : Ahmed Adel 

Logo Designed : Karim Amin  

Post Production And Design Manager :  Loujine Watfeh

Director of Creative : Steven Cheak

Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.21.14.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.21.39.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.21.44.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.21.52.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.21.59.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.22.08.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.22.29.jpg
Untitled Project_Washington_Report_Opener_2023-01-23_09.22.34.jpg
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