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Our Data -  Promo

Asharq News     2021

Dubai - UAE

i was responsible for creating Broadcast Promo " Data Promo"

for Asharq News Channel .

Concept & Art Direction , 3D Motion Design , FX , Compositing and Editing : Ahmed Adel  

Post Production And Design Manager :  Loujine Watfeh

Director of Creative : Steven Cheak

Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.05.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.26.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.52.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.32.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.43.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.48.jpg
Untitled Project_Long_2023-01-25_03.19.57.jpg
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